THE BURNT ORANGE HERESY by Charles Willeford.  Wonderful Films.  William Horberg, Producer.

THE ORIGINALS by Sarah Byrn Rickman. Good Night Moon Productions.  Brooke Stevens, Producer.

THE DIFFERENCE by Charles Willeford.  Woodshed Entertainment.  Chris Ciancimino, Producer.

PHONE CALLS FROM THE DEAD by Wendy Brenner.  Rough & Ready Productions, Rhonda Goldstein, Producer.

THE HARVEY GIRLS: Women Who Opened The West by Lesley Poling-Kempes. Atalaya Productions for a TV series.


NEW HOPE FOR THE DEAD, SIDESWIPE, THE WAY WE DIE NOW, and THE SHARK-INFESTED CUSTARD by Charles Willeford.  Curtis Hanson, Director. The series, based on Willeford’s novels, will star Paul Giamatti.


THE WOMAN CHASER by Charles Willeford.  Definitive Films.  Rob Devor, Director, 2000

DEAD IN THE WATER (formerly WEB OF MURDER) by Harry Whittington.  Starring Bryan Brown and Veronica Cartwright.  Directed by Bill Condon. MCA-Universal Cable Systems/USA Network, 1991.

FIRES THAT DESTROY by Harry Whittington.  Directed by Henry Safran.  C.F.C./Gaumont Television, 1994.

WHERE PIGEONS GO TO DIE by Robert Campbell.  Starring Art Carney and  Michael Landon.  Michael Landon Productions/NBC Television, 1990.

MIAMI BLUES by Charles Willeford.  Starring Fred Ward, Alec Baldwin and Jennifer Jason Leigh.  Passing Moon/Orion Pictures, 1990.

FREEWAY by Deanne Barkley.  Starring Darlanne Fluegel and James Russo.  Gower Street Productions/New World Pictures, 1988.

DEAD RINGERS by Bari Wood.  Starring Jeremy Irons and Genevieve Bujold. Directed by David Cronenberg.  Morgan Creek Productions, 1988.

LITTLE SWEETHEART (POISON CANDY) by Arthur Wise.  Starring John Hurt, Karen Young and John McMartin.  Nelson Films/BBC-TV, 1988.

SQUARE DANCE by Alan Hines.  Starring Jason Robards, Jane Alexander, Rob Lowe and Winona Ryder.  Island Pictures, 1987.

ROCKABYE by Laird Koenig.  Starring Valerie Bertinelli, Rachel Ticotin, and Jason Alexander.   CBS Movie-Of-The Week, 1986.



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